Lady Gaga accused of plastic surgery as she performs on X Factor



Twitter has been awash with Lady Gaga hashtags ever since the Bad Romance singer took to the mic at the X Factor semi finals. The sensational popstar had appeared as a guest artist alongside Zara Larsson at Fountain Studios based event that took place Sunday night.

What happened to Gaga?

Lady Gaga’s name has been a hot Twitter topic ever since Sunday night. If you’re presuming it’s because of her electric Million Reasons performance or her fascinating attempt at a British accent, how wrong you are? The American celebrity has Twitter’s servers working overtime because of her look on stage Sunday night.

Fans have been tweeting to say that Gaga was almost unrecognisable as she sang her heart out at the X Factor semi final event. Most of them have been saying that her face looked different, not the Gaga they’ve always known. Some fans even went ahead to ask if she had had a facelift while others accused her of being a Lady Gaga impostor.

Hair, wardrobe, and behavioral changes

It easy to understand why the Perfect Illusion singer’s fans were ranting about her unrecognisable appearance, she had a whole new look as she performed in the UK on Sunday night. Gone were the outspoken star’s wild hair and flimsy stage fashion and in their place were a neat pushback hairdo and a decent enough stage attire of leather pants and ”bra-scarf”. Gaga’s dramatic stage antics were also absent Sunday night, she cut out the image of a demure lady as she performed her newest single, Million Reasons. She did pull some killer dance moves at some points but they were nowhere near the overly expressive stage moves that she has for a long while been known for.

In regards to the Twitter rantings, only Gaga can best explain to her gazillions of fans what caused her Sunday night transformation. Whether she went through the knife or she just wants to cut out a new image as Joanne and not Gaga, she is the one who knows it all.

Away from Lady Gaga, the X Factor semi final saw Emily Middlemas eliminated from the show. The only contestants who are now remaining to compete in the finals include Mart Terry, Saara Aalto, and 5 After Midnight. The finale will take place this December.

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