Kendall Jenner: Dad would let Kylie and I go to bed hungry


Kendall Jenner recently revealed how she and Kylie would sometimes go to bed hungry as children. The celebrity youngsters slept on empty stomachs not because there wasn’t enough food in the house, but because of their disobedience that their dad Bruce Jenner (now Caitlyn Jenner) would have none of.

Kendall, 21, recalled on her website and app how she and younger sister Kylie, 19, would have to “retire to bed hungry” if they failed to follow their dad’s rules at the dinner table.

The Victoria Secret model explained in her post that their dad was far more strict than their mum as she and Kylie grew up. She recalled how he would always remind them of their school work and how he would in particular be mad at Kylie and her for failing to clear their plate during dinner.

Jenner wrote how she and Kylie would sometimes cheekily avoid eating all the food in their dinner plates so that they could sneak out and get to have junk foods such as popsicles and sweets. She further wrote how their dad would give them an ultimatum of eating everything on their plates including veggies and protein for a chance of having dessert afterwards.

“He would remind us that we would have to go bed hungry if we failed to finish all the food, we would however still try and sneak in some dessert lol,” explained Kendall on her website.

Proud of her parents

In the same post, the reality TV star also said that she feels “blessed” to have had parents like her own and that she respects each of her parents’ approach to parenting. Jenner said she felt lucky that her parents wouldn’t get unnecessarily upset over little matters and that they also didn’t have many rules.

The fashion forward supermodel further explained how some of their friends had very strict parents but turned out wild. She concluded by writing that she felt Kylie and her had been raised up in the right way and that she felt blessed for that.

Jenner’s post was titled, “The Thing Kylie and I Would Always Get in Trouble For”. She accompanied this post with 5 throwback pics of she, Kylie, and their parents.

Jenner’s parents Kris Jenner and Bruce Jenner (Caitlyn) parted ways in October 2013. They finalized their divorce in March 2015. This was four months before Bruce announced his intention to undergo a gender transition. Following the transition, Bruce is now known as Caitlyn Jenner.

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