It Can’t Be Denied…Conor McGregor Is A Men’s Fashion Icon!



If it weren’t for the fact that he can quite literally kill a man in mere seconds with his bare hands, many men would probably tease Conor McGregor for being as unabashedly fashion conscious as he is.

Yes, he’s the flashy mixed martial arts superstar from Ireland that’s captured the attention of the media. In fact, McGregor has been one of a select group of elite fighters that has thrust MMA into the forefront of the public consciousness to the point where it has surpassed boxing as the most popular one-on-one combat sport. He’s also known to turn heads on red carpets and at pre-fight press conferences with his 5 thousand dollar suits and well coiffed red beard. The swagger in his appearance is matched by not only his winning record (with many fights won by knockout) but also by his fierce trash talking. In fact, many analysts have compared McGregor to the late Muhammed Ali.

Of course McGregor’s star appeal owes a great deal to his incredible ability in the Octagon as well. He is one of the most feared strikers in MMA, and the fact that he’s left handed gives him advantage. Still, it isn’t just the devastating lefts and overwhelming strength and speed that have made the fighter nicknamed both ‘Notorious’ and the ‘Mystic Man’ a mega celebrity, and you can’t talk about McGregor without talking about how he’s also an icon in the world of Men’s fashion. He’s a sex symbol too, and has even been nominated for ‘Sexiest Man Of The Year’ by Rolling Stone magazine.

There’s no denying that there’s a hipster element in Conor McGregor fashion, and the fashion press has heaped perhaps even more adulation on the Irishman than the Sports media has. He has been called Ireland’s greatest fashion Icon of the last two decades, and he’s been constantly praised for his retro chic style that evokes the 1920s and the Jazz Age. It is true that McGregor looks like a character straight out of the “Great Gatsby” with his handkerchiefs, bow ties, gold watches, and pin striped three piece suits.

In fact, Louis Copeland, Patrick Bourke and other big names in men fashion have signaled out Conor McGregor as a sort of savior figure for men’s fashion. It is hoped that McGregor’s popularity will inspire the younger generations of men to seek out the finely tailored attire that is favored by the Featherweight Champion fighter. Reebok have already hopped on board and have made McGregor a central component of their marketing campaigns.

At the end of the day, nothing’s more appealing than a fashionable man who’s also a true alpha male, and this description fits Conor McGregor to a tee. It’s something a lot of male celebs strive for, but very few can pull it off, and even then not nearly as well as McGregor can.

He’s come along way from his humble beginnings in a small Irish town on the outskirts of Dublin. Refreshingly though, Conor McGregor fashion icon isn’t letting it all go to his head. He eschews the nightspots, debauchery, and other trappings of being an A-lister and appears to be highly focused on remaining Feather Weight champion in the UFC.


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