Jennifer Aniston says that people should stop viewing her as a sad, childless human


Jennifer Aniston feels she deserves respect in place of the whittling that has always come her way owing to her life choices.

The 47 year old actress and producer is on Marie Claire’s December 2016 cover. In a detailed interview by the fashion, beauty, and women issues magazine, the Friends actress says that she is tired of always being ridiculed for her decisions and lifestyle.

She said that she has continually been shamed for various things including her divorce, marital status, lack of a partner, and even her nipples. She questioned why women were being judged through specific lenses and added that she has worked so hard in her career to deserve derision as a sad and childless lady.

Aniston has been in the film industry for nearly 30 years. She has starred in key roles in films such as The Break-Up, Just Go With It, and Horrible Bosses among many others.

Attack on her personal life

Although her acting career has been sparkling and is complete with Golden Globes and other awards, her personal life hasn’t enjoyed such luster. It has continuously been a subject of gossip for the public.

Jennifer’s divorce from former husband Brad Pitt in particular earned her lots of public attention. Her split from Pitt became a regular subject in both mainstream and tabloid media and this has continued even several years afterwards.

Aniston married Pitt in 2000 and split from him five years later. The Mr & Mrs Smith actor started dating his now estranged wife Angelina Jolie following his separation from Jennifer. There had in fact been rumors that the Hollywood heartthrob was going out with Jolie while still being married to Aniston. These rumors split the public into pro Aniston and pro Jolie factions when news about the divorce came out.

Pregnancy concerns

Following her split from Pitt, Jennifer’s personal life has been under continuous public scrutiny. People are keen to know about her love life as well as finding out when she is going to have children now that age is slowly catching up with her. There have been rumors every now and then about the actress being pregnant.

On her marriage

The stylish celebrity is currently married to actor, director, and screenwriter Justin Theroux. Her husband is based in Melbourne and owing to this, Aniston says she now only takes indispensable roles so as to enable her be near him.

Aniston has told Marie Claire that she is happy being with her husband whom she married in 2015 and that she feels appreciated, accepted, and adored by him.

An Op-Ed letter

Prior to all she had to say to Marie Claire about the attack on her personal life, Jennifer wrote an open letter to the editor of the H Post in July. Titled ‘For The Record’, her letter highlighted the sexism culture in the tabloids and the society at large that viewed women’s worth only in terms of their marital and maternal status.

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