Zayn was suffering from severe eating disorders before leaving One Direction


Zayn long-awaited autobiography arrived. His life, from the X Factor, his relationships with celebrities Perrie Edwards and Gigi Hadid, his decision to quit the band and much more. As he himself wrote on Instagram ( , the book serves as a kind of diary of time, that this celebrity wants to share with his fans. According to his words: “The book contains a lot of personal things that I never said to anyone and it is still difficult to talk about.”

One of these things is an eating disorder that is developed before he announced his departure from One Direction. Zayn says he never cared about his appearance, and especially for its weight, but sometimes he went days without eating. At that point he was not aware that this was a problem. “I lost so much weight that I became ill. The amount of work and lifestyle, combined with the pressure, all greatly influenced my life, including my eating habits. ”

Zayn left One Direction in March 2015, a year after released his first solo album. Just hours before the performance in the United Kingdom, Zayn was canceled due to anxiety attacks. “That morning my anxiety hit me like a train. I got sick. I could not breathe. The idea of performing completely upset me and I felt paralyzed. This terrible fear came out of nowhere and brought a bunch of doubts and more fears”. And, although he is still struggling with anxiety, Zayn says he plans to return to the stage and take small steps to push forward. “Anxiety will not beat me.”

Zayn explained his reasons for releasing the memoir in a statement, saying it was so his fans can judge him on his terms, not how it is portrayed by the press. The publishers have called this celebrity autobiography an intimate and raw scrapbook of his life.

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